What Causes Arrhythmia?

What Causes Arrhythmia?

It can be different for everyone.  It is too difficult to pinpoint one thing.  Each person may be able to make the connection of what triggers their heart palpitations.  And maybe they can’t.  My supra ventricular tachycardia was constant.  I never had relief from my racing heart.  I know corporate stress started my heart problems.  Then my super fast heart rate never went away.  Although exercise did trigger my irregular heart beat to really skyrocket – 240 beats a minute typically.

Extra pathways in the heart can cause heart palpitations.  Heart disease can also cause arrhythmias.  Other causes can be: stress (like what happened to me); caffeine; anxiety; drugs, including diet pills and over the counter meds for colds; alcohol; thyroid issues; lack of oxygen.

What is a normal heart rate?

A normal heart beat is 60 – 100 beats a minute and should beat at a steady and even pace.

How do I know if I have arrhythmia and if I need help with arrhythmia?

You would literally feel your heart flutter, racing heart beat, heart pounding out of your chest or something similar to that. (heart skips a beat (too many?))
You could also experience pain in your chest, weakness or fatigue, lightheadedness or shortness of breath. When I stood up or just climbed up the stairs, I used to feel the blood rush into my head and my head would start throbbing and I would be short of breath. I would stop at the top of the stairs to catch my breath (very nonchalantly so no one would notice).

There is no need to be worried if you feel an occasional racing heart beat or heart flutter.
It is always good to rule things out though with your Dr.

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