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My name is Jodi Barnhart.  My passion in life is health! This intenseVegas3cropped enthusiasm led me to establish my business, Peace of My Heart. I have spent my adult life looking at and studying the impact of food, nutrition, and stress on people’s health; so this has truly been a lifelong passion for me. I specialize in working with people who have heart palpitations and a racing heart, based on my own personal experience. They want natural alternatives to feel better, without the prescription drugs and the ongoing medical maze.

Here is my story…
I headed into “Corporate America” with my degree, my MBA and a goal to be President of a bank. For 10 years I endured the corporate stress, but I had an awakening and realized I was unhealthy, exhausted from the rat race and fed up with corporate politics. My inner entrepreneur was crying out! It was time for a change! I decided to follow my heart and work from home, but still maintain a professional outlet.

Little did I know I would follow my heart on another path too.

In my early 20s (while my corporate life was beginning), I developed heart palpitations and in turn my average heart rate was 213 beats a minute! I lived like this for 10 years! Why? Because it took the doctors that long to believe me before they put a Holter monitor on my heart and finally, they were able to see it for themselves. I even had surgery before they gave me a monitor. Yes, you heard right. I had surgery and felt great for 2 weeks and then the palpitations came back again. The doctors could not believe it so they put me on a Holter monitor to check my heart activity. They were shocked at how high and erratic my heart rate consistently was.

I opted not to include prescription drugs as part of my treatment route (because of the really bad side effects) and three months later, I had another surgery. Guess what? The palpitations returned. The count was not as high, around 160 – 170, but still significantly elevated. (The average adult human heart rate is between 60 – 80 beats per minute). I spent every month of the next year in the hospital undergoing test after test. My doctors were working with worldwide heart specialists trying to solve my heart issue. They could not figure it out.

I was frustrated because I knew the importance of good health and I know I was doing everything I should be doing to be healthy. I ate good food and exercised daily, but I was still weak and dizzy all of the time due to my racing, erratic heart. I also wanted a family some day and was told due to my heart issues, I couldn’t because the baby would not get the proper oxygen and would have birth defects. I knew there had to be an alternative.

After a lot of frustration and an endless battery of medical tests and running into walls at every turn with my doctors and specialists, I decided to start on a specific supplement regimen. The results were better than I could have imagined and I felt a tremendous, positive difference within 6 weeks. Many areas of my health improved: I wasn’t weak anymore and could climb the stairs without stopping at the top to catch my breath, my hair stopped falling out and my skin and nails improved, but the best news was… I was able to give birth to a beautiful child! Now for 17 years, I’ve enjoyed great energy, I rarely get sick and I know I am investing in a healthy future.

I attribute my wellbeing to adding a couple of simple supplements to my daily regimen that fed my cells the nutrients they were missing and badly needed (one being a specific protein). As good as I was eating; it just wasn’t enough for me to sustain my health. I followed my heart (literally and figuratively) and it led me to my passion…health and health education (Peace of My Heart). I work with others to identify and rectify where stress has taken a toll on their health. If you are going through some of the same things I went through and feel like you have no where to turn for answers, you’ve found a solution here, just like I did! I specialize in working with professionals just like me, who are stressed out, having heart palpitations, who are tired and weak and are seeking alternatives to feel better.

Why would YOU work with me?

* Because you are SELF-MOTIVATED, OPEN-MINDED and are searching for ANSWERS to your health concerns!

* Because you can benefit from my guidance!

Having someone who can relate to what you’re going through is very important and can ultimately help your health success. I have been through a myriad of health issues (not all mentioned here) and I can help you feel better and put some of your concerns to rest.

* Because the people that I work with get RESULTS!

As I stated earlier, I have studied (and continue to do so) the impact of food, nutrition, and stress on people’s health.

Having this business gives me peace – peace of mind knowing that I’m healthy and able to be here, with my family. Instead of putting on panty hose and rushing to work, I’m snuggling with my girl. She stole my heart since the day she was born. I can enjoy life with her and have tea parties and picnics. I never dreamed it could be possible to have the best of both worlds and create the kind of life I have always dreamed of.

My goal and hope is to work with you and help you attain this same peace of mind!

I provide guidance and direction on what I know has helped myself and others with heart palpitations. You can decide if what I have to offer is a fit for you. Let’s connect and see if working together is a match.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.   ~Winston Churchill




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